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Sunday Sermons

Below are the sermons, by Pastor Doug Johnston, from the Sunday morning service at First Baptist Church of Redmond.

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Listen to the most recent sermon: May 22, 2016 – Psalm 130: The Enigmas of Faith and Prayer


May 2016
22nd: Psalm 130: The Enigmas of Faith and Prayer
15th: Psalm 125: Trust and Peace
08th: Psalm 121: Expecting Help
01st: Psalm 119: Protect Me

April 2016
24th: Psalm 119: Through The Night
17th: Psalm 119: Responding with Faith and Patience
10th: Psalm 119: Fighting God
03rd: Psalm 119: Loving Scripture

March 2016
27th: Easter Sunday – Psalm 118: Hosanna
20th: Psalm 110: The Return of The King
13th: Psalm 102: In The Middle
06th: Psalm 100: Shout, Shout, Let It All Out

February 2016
28st: Guest Speaker, Daniel Johnston: Bland Salt
21st: Psalm 95: Is The Lord With Us Or Not
14th: Psalm 91: Deliver and Honor
07th: Psalm 90: My Friend

January 2016
31st: Psalm 89: Dedication
24th: Psalm 86: Poor and Needy
17th: Psalm 85: What Is Good
10th: Psalm 82: First Things
03rd: Psalm 81: Asaph’s Call to Worship Again

December 2015
27th: Psalm 78: Asaph’s Christmas Carol
20th: Church Family Christmas (No Sermon)
13th: Matthew 1: A Disgraceful Christmas
06th: Psalm 77: I Will Remember The Works Of The Lord

November 2015
29th: Psalm 72: The King
22nd: Psalm 69: The First Thanksgiving
15th: Psalm 65: Answering Our Prayer
08th: Psalm 62: About God
01st: Psalm 61: Hear My Cry

October 2015
25th: Psalm 56: Fear
18th: Psalm 51: Have Mercy
11th: Psalm 50: You Shall Glorify Me
04th: Psalm 50: Our God Shall Come, And Shall Not Keep Silent

September 2015
27th: Psalm 46: God Is Our Refuge
20th: Psalm 45: A Happy King
13th: Psalm 42: The Help of My God
06th: Psalm 42: Hope In God

August 2015
30th: Psalm 40: I Waited Patiently For The Lord
23rd: Psalm 38: Your Anger
16th: Psalm 37: The Scream
09th: Psalm 34: At All Times
02nd: Psalm 32: Surrounded By Mercy

July 2015
26th: Guest Speaker, Pastor Bill Tate: Changes
19th: Psalm 30: By Your Favor
12th: Psalm 25: Remember Me
05th: Psalm 23: Restoring My Soul

June 2015
28th: Psalm 19: Glory and Grace
21st: Psalm 18: My Deliverer
14th: Psalm 22: Forsaken
07th: Psalm 15: Who?

May 2015
31st: Psalm 13: How Long
24th: Psalm 9: I Will Tell Of All Your Marvelous Works
17th: Psalm 3: I Can’t Believe What’s Happening To Me
10th: Psalm 2: Be Instructed
03rd: Psalm 1: I Want To Be Like You

April 2015
26th: Guest Speaker, Dr. Tom Hoyle: God, Creation, and National Treasure
19th: Ephesians 1: God Saved Me, And How!
12th: Jonah: Its Just One Thing
05th: No Sermon Today (Special Easter Service)

March 2015
29th: Daniel Summary: For You
22th: Daniel 12: The Shining
15th: Daniel 11: The Second Greatest Power
08th: Daniel 11: Not Going Silently
01st: No Sermon Today (Pastoral report from Romania)

February 2015
22nd: Guest Speaker, Pastor Bill Tate: Don’t Lose Heart
15th: Guest Speaker, Pastor Mark Williams: The Backstory: How the Book of Daniel Came to Be
08th: John 15: Joy
01st: Daniel: Too Good to be True

January 2015
25th: Daniel: Behind the Scenes
18th: Daniel: Secrets from an Angel
11th: The Church Around the World
04th: Daniel: Confession

December 2014
28th: Daniel: Astonished
24th: Christmas Eve: Candle-Light Christmas Eve Message
21st: Church Family Christmas, No Sermon this Sunday
14th: Jason Nightingale: Wordsower Ministries (www.Wordsower.org)
07th: Daniel: The Kingdom and Dominion

November 2014
30th: Daniel: He Believed in His God
23rd: Daniel: What Are You Doing?
16th: Daniel: Break Off Your Sins
09th: Daniel: I See Four Men
02nd: Daniel: Gifts, Rewards, and Great Honor

October 2014
26th: Daniel: Have You Got What It Takes?
19th: Jude 1-7: God Said
12th: Ephesians 1:6: God, Man, and the ‘I’
05th: John 8:1-11: Helpless

September 2014
28th: Galatians: Seeing God’s Creation
21st: Galatians: Do Good
14th: Galatians: If Everyone’s Somebody
07th: Galatians: Spontaneous Generation

August 2014
31st: Galatians: Well Known
24th: Galatians: Possibilities
17th: Galatians: Through Love
10th: Galatians: Profit
03rd: Galatians: Big Kids

July 2014
27th: Guest Speaker, Mark Swedberg: The Sacrifice
20th: Galatians: The Spirit of His Son
13th: Galatians: GrowingUp
06th: Galatians: A Better Country

June 2014
29th: Galatians: A Dysfunctional Family
22nd: Galatians: What Are You Thinking?
15th: Guest Speaker, Missionary Polly Strong: Polly’s Progress
08th: Galatians: The Game of Life
01st: Galatians: It Only Sounds Crazy At First

May 2014
25th: Galatians: For All
18th: Galatians: His Grace
11th: Galatians: The Troubles
04th: Galatians: The Easy Button

April 2014
27th: Guest Speaker, Jim Meyer: Salt and Light
20th: Resurrection Sunday!: We Need An Advocate
13th: Ecclesiastes: Missing It
06th: Ecclesiastes: The Last Photograph

March 2014
30th: Ecclesiastes: Invest In Living
23rd: Ecclesiastes: Planning For Failure
16th: Ecclesiastes: Ignorant Perseverance
09th: Ecclesiastes: One Event
02nd: Ecclesiastes: Enigma

February 2014
23th: Ecclesiastes: Locked Up
16th: Ecclesiastes: Breakdown
09th: Ecclesiastes: Scars
02nd: Ecclesiastes: Who Knows

January 2014
26th: Ecclesiastes: The Sacrifice of Fools
19th: Ecclesiastes: Passing Time
12th: Ecclesiastes: Grasping for the Wind
05th: Ecclesiastes: So What

December 2013
29th: John: Lord, What About This Man?
24nd: Christmas Eve: The Names of Jesus
22nd: Sermon Unavailable
15th: Christmas: Sing to the Lord!
08th: John: Do You Love Me
01st: John: Breakfast by the Sea

November 2013
24th: No sermon. Technical Difficulties. Sorry. :(
17th: John: Believe That Jesus Is The Christ
10th: John: The Eighth Day
03rd: John: Fear to Faith

October 2013
27th: John: Rabboni
20th: John: Seeing and Believing
13th: John: Jesus, Lord and Savior
06th: John: The King of the Jews

September 2013
29nd: Special: Youth Service
22nd: John: Why Did You Do It?
15th: God, Grace, and Giving
08th: Baptism Day: Being Sure
01st: Guest Speaker: David and Susan Blazer

August 2013
25th: John: Difficult Conversations
18th: John: The Cup My Father Has Given Me
11th: John: Dark Waters
04th: John: That the World May Believe

July 2013
28th: Guest Speaker, Luke Valen: Oh You of Little Faith
21st: John: Keep Them
14th: John: Jesus’ Glory
07th: John: The Hour Has Come

June 2013
30th: John: Your Joy May Be Full
23rd: John: He Will Glorify Me
16th: John: The Spirit’s Words to the World
09th: Guest Speaker, Pastor Jim Brock: The Power of Prayer
02nd: John: They Do Not Know

May 2013
26th: John: My Friends
19th: John: Bearing Fruit
12th: John: The Branch of the Lord
05th: John: God With Us

April 2013
28th: John: Help For Today
21st: Sorry, no sermon this week. Technical problems. :(
14th: John: Believe Also In Me
07th: John: Wishing

March 2013
31st: Resurrection Sunday!: Love And Grace
24th: John: What’s So New
17th: John: Talk Is Cheap
10th: John: Nevertheless
03rd: John: What Shall I Say?

February 2013
24th: John: The Whole World Has Gone After Him
17th: John: The House Was Filled
10th: John: What Shall We Do?
03rd: John: Even Now

January 2013
27th: John: Walking In The Day
20th: Chuck Amos: God’s Plan, Suffering, And You
13th: John: Believe
06th: John: Show Us Plainly

December 2012
30th: John: Proper Care And Feeding
23rd: Greater In Love
16th: The Center
09th: Now A Word From Our Sponsor
02nd: John: Mean To Say

November 2012
25th: John: How Or What?
18th: John: A Blinding Light
11th: John: Wanted
04th: John: Overlooked

October 2012
28th: John: Fresh Bread
21st: John: Believe Me
14th: John: Rise
07th: Guest Speaker, Dr. Tom Hoyle: Gems From Job

September 2012
30th: John: Body And Soul
23rd: John: Finding Joy
16th: John: Losing While Winning
09th: Guest Speaker, Donn Mogford, Shepherd’s Ministries: The Kindness of God
02nd: John: One Choice

August 2012
26th: John: From Above
19th: John: Commitment
12th: John: Zeal
05th: John: Everywhere With Jesus

July 2012
29th: Guest Speaker, Conrad Renberg: How Should We Respond To Disobedient Christians?
22nd: John: First Place
15th: John: The Unknown God
08th: John: Accepted
01st: John: The Shining

June 2012
24th: Sorry, technical difficulties.
17th: Sorry, no sermon available from this morning.
10th: Lamentations 3: Blurred With Tears
03rd: Revelation 13: Unexpected Change

May 2012
27th: Philippians: A Treasured Legacy
20th: Philippians: How To Tell A Winner From A Loser
13th: Philippians: Friction
06th: Philippians: Our Best Day

April 2012
29nd: Philippians: The Most Universal Addiction
22nd: Philippians: Making Peace
15th: Chuck Amos: God’s Perspective
08th: Easter Sunday: Death And Life
01st: Philippians: Far From Perfect

March 2012
25th: Philippians: Measuring Up
18th: Philippians: Who Loves You?
11th: Philippians: Advice To Cynical Christians
04th: Romania Mission Trip

February 2012
26th: Dr. Tom Hoyle (www.HoyleMinistries.com): Dem Dry Bones
19th: Technical difficulties. Sorry, no sermon. :-(
12th: Philippians: Acceptance
05th: Philippians: Words We Love To Hear

January 2012
29th: Philippians: I’m Tired
22nd: Philippians: Following Footsteps
15th: Philippians: The Circle
08th: Philippians: From Me To You
01st: Philippians: What Should People Remember About Jesus

December 2011
25th: Philippians 2: No Need For Superman
18th: Church Family Christmas
11th: The Testimonies of Mike Rowand, Debbie Rowand, and Jim Meyer
04th: Mark 2: Hearts

November 2011
27th: Colossians: God and Good People
20th: Colossians: God and Good Words
13th: Colossians: Pushing My Friend (audio difficulties)
06th: Colossians: The Perfect Gift (Part 2)

October 2011
30th: Colossians: The Perfect Gift (Part 1)
23rd: Colossians: A Family’s Book of Revelation
16th: Colossians: A Peaceful Life
09th: Colossians: What To Say
02nd: Colossians: Picking Up The Right Kinds Of Things

September 2011
25th: Colossians: Putting Things Back We Don’t Need
18th: Colossians: Seek
11th: Colossians: But I Didn’t…
04th: Big Dog

August 2011
28th: Colossians: A Liberating Conversation (Part 2)
21st: Colossians: A Liberating Conversation (Part 1)
14th: Colossians: Missing
07th: Colossians: When You Do What Jesus Did

July 2011
31st: Guest Speaker: Chuck Amos
24th: Colossians: Your Mind Can Play Tricks On You
17th: Colossians: The X Files – Part 2
10th: Guests George and Kathy Abbas: Psalm 46
03rd: Colossians: The X Files – Part 1

June 2011
26th: Colossians: Forgiven
19th: Colossians: Pleasing Father
12th: Colossians: Thanks To The Lord
05th: Guest Speaker Conrand Renberg: He That Has Ears, Hear!

May 2011
29th: Colossians: The Answer
22nd: The Sign of Jonah
15th: Jude: Facing The Errorists
08th: Romans: What’s In Your Heart
01st: Romans: Appreciating Service

April 2011
24th: Easter Sunday: There’s More Than Just the Bad News
17th: Guest Speaker Tom Hoyle: An Indiana Jones Look at the Armor of God
10th: Romans: Freedom And Obedience
03rd: Romans: Little Things That Mean A Lot

March 2011
27th: Romans: My Differences
20th: Romans: My Morality
13th: Romans: My Neighbor
06th: Romans: My Government

February 2011
27th: Romans: Overcoming Evil
20th: Romans: An Obviously Helpful Christian
13th: Romans: What We See First
06th: Romans: Deeds

January 2011
30th: Romans: Me
23th: Romans: Listening
16th: Romans: Contradictions
09th: Romans: Communion
02nd: Romans: God In Action

December 2010
26th: Luke 24:25-27: Surviving the Most Wonderful Days of the Year
19th: Family Christmas (No Sermon)
12th: Matthew 2:1-11: What Made These Men So Wise?
05th: Romans: Theology Is Life

November 2010
28th: Romans: Failure
21st: Psalm 136: Thanks
14th: Romans: Did You See What Really Happened
07th: Romans: Harmony

October 2010
31st: Romans: Being Led by the Spirit
24th: Romans: Specialists
17th: Romans: When Your Daily Bread Doesn’t Seem Enough
10th: Romans: The Ex-Files
03rd: Romans: Peace With God

September 2010
26th: Romans: Dangerous Faith
19th: Romans: How The Gospel Works
12th: Romans: This Is The Place
05th: Romans: The Verdict

August 2010
29th: Romans: Mutant Christians
22nd: Romans: An Inconvenient Truth
15th: Guest Speaker, David Blazer: Open Door, Closed Door
08th: The Lord’s Supper
01st: Guest Speaker, Bill Tate: The Good Old Days

July 2010
25th: Romans: Seven Steps
18th: Romans: Something’s Wrong
11th: Romans: Life In Christ
04th: Independence Day Service (no sermon)

June 2010
27th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Best
20th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The New Jerusalem
13th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Days of the King
06th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Faith And Fear

May 2010
30th: Youth Service: Take A Look
23rd: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: A Marriage Made In Heaven
16th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Come Out
09th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Loving God
02nd: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Seeing God

April 2010
25th: No Sermon (technical difficulties…sorry)
18th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Death And Life
11th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Persuasion
04th: Easter Sunday: In Harm’s Way

March 2010
28th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Riding The Wind
21st: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Giving Thanks In Difficult Times
14th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Work Of The Witnesses
07th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Power Over Humanity

February 2010
28st: Report on the Romania mission trip (No Sermon Today)
21st: Guest Speaker, Burnie Lindsey: Our Building From God
14th: Guest Speaker, Dr. Tom Hoyle: A Little Lower Than Angels
07th: Scout Sunday (No Sermon Today)

January 2010
31th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Difference
24th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Judgement And Justice
17th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Worthy To Control Your Future
(Sorry for the sound quality. Technical issues.)
10th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Holy Holy Holy
03rd: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Neglecting Your Soul

December 2009
27th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Using Your Opportunities
20th: Family Christmas Service (No Sermon Today)
13th: Elmer Magnussen – Celebrate His Triumph
06th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: A Dead Church

November 2009
29th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Equilibrium
22nd: Technical Difficulties.
15th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: No Complaints
8th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Just Living Together
1st: Elmer Magnussen – Burden Bearers

October 2009
25th: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Near To The Heart Of God
18th: Guest Speakers, Missionaries Pat and Kellis Melson
4th: If You Know The Truth

September 2009
27th: Six Hours
20th: My Bad